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Leasing A Property

Leasing a property will sometimes make more sense than purchasing. A temporary work relocation assignment, major renovation or building a home, or maybe you want to live in a particular area but haven’t found YOUR home just yet. Whatever your need is, I can help.

1. Why Use A Realtor For A Lease?

Logically, there isn’t much difference between looking for a home to rent versus buy.  In fact, it should be easier for an agent to find someone a rental home because most tenants aren’t as picky as buyers.  Put another way, a person renting a home puts nothing into the deal and can easily move at the end of their lease if they don’t like the home.  Those buying a home make a bigger and longer commitment, so you’d expect them to be more discerning.

Here’s a look at the pro’s of using an agent to find a home to rent:

  • Access to the MLS list of rentals
  • Saving you time by sifting through available properties and setting showings for you
  • You don’t typically pay agents anything for finding a property, the property owner pays them
  • Protecting you from signing a bad lease agreement
  • Making sure your deposit to hold a property doesn’t “disappear”
  • More experience at negotiating than you so you don’t have to do it